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5 Steps to Simple Social Network Job Searching - Part 2

This is the second post of a two-part series written by Nathan McGee

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. To read the first three tips of his guest post, see Part 1.

5 Steps to Simple Social Network Job Searching continued....

4.    Always be positive.
Job searching can be a frustrating task.  You might have had the worst interviewer in the world or maybe you keep submitting your resume and not getting calls (you might want to take a look at your resume).  Venting your frustrations might fall on sympathetic ears when you complain to your friends and family, but understand that you may kill your chances of gaining any future referrals that person might have for you.

Most often when people pass a job to you, they have some sort of connection with the job. They want to be sure that the people they recommend will be a stellar candidate as it will reflect on them.  If you are habitually negative about the interviews or leads you are getting, they might have the perfect job for you, but hold off because they don't want their lead to turn into a negative experience.

Venting your frustrations can be therapeutic, but you can turn that negative experience into a positive one.  If you must tell people about how horrible things have been, at least point out the lessons you have learned from them and show that you can see the silver lining in every cloud. On top of that, talk about the other positive aspects of your life and what you are doing when you are not job hunting.  How the time has allowed you to workout more or improve your writing.  People love a positive attitude and will want that type of person in their workplace.

5.    Get more friends.
There may come a time when you have exhausted all your current options of outreach.  You've announced you are looking for a job, you have been grateful to those who have helped you, you have kept people up to date on your search and you continue to smile and be positive... but still no luck.  Maybe you need more friends?

Well go out and meet some people.  Get involved in groups that interest you, go to the gym (also a great suggestion for job hunters) volunteer at a charity, get out and meet some people. Start being involved online too.  Find groups, sites, forums, etc. and start participating there.  Foster friendships through associations.  If you aren't researching jobs and filling out applications/submitting resumes, you should be "networking" and meeting new people.

Bonus Step: Help others find a job.
As you are working your network and meeting new people, you will run into others who are looking for work.  I am a big believer in karma, what goes around comes around.  What better way to help out your own chances of finding a job than passing on information or leads that you might have come across.  This will create tremendous good will and people will be more apt to return the favor.

Looking for a job is stressful.  Getting by with a little help from your friends will help take some of the edge off the stress.  If anything, you will be able to find support and encouragement to keep you motivated and moving forward.  Just remember, that job is out there, and someone you know might be sitting on it not knowing you are the perfect candidate — unless you start making some noise!

Nathan McGee is a Social Media Marketing Consultant and Social Coach. His blog can be found at Behind the Wall the movie


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