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5 Tips to Coping with the Daily Stresses of Working in PR


This is a guest post by Sam Peters.

When you decide to start a career in public relations, your ability to adapt in stressful situations is a must. Solving communication challenges, meeting tight deadlines, resolving campaign issues, and dealing with varying client personalities is enough to drive anyone crazy from time to time. It’s going to take time, but it is important for you to learn how to cope and roll with the punches. Failure to do so could cost you more than just a few clients; it could cost you your life.

Chronic Stress Leads to Health Issues

Stress is a normal part of life. It is the thing that often motivates you to do your PR job to the best of your abilities. However, when stress gets out of control it can wreak havoc on your life. Chronic levels of stress can lead to lack of focus, ambition, and drive, which we all know is important to kicking butt in the public relations industry. If not treated properly stress can also lead to burnout or the urge to depend upon substances like drugs and alcohol.

If you believe you have reached a point where the stress is causing you serious health problems or you’re currently dependent upon drugs and alcohol to make it through each day, getting help from a medical facility that specializes in work related burnout is beneficial for learning new ways to cope with stressful situations.

For times when you’re stressed, here are some healthy ways to cope:

  1. Take a Deep Breath

No matter what you’re faced with on the daily basis you must remember to breathe. Slow, deep breathing allows you to clear the mind so that you can refocus on the problem at hand.

  1. Find the Good in Every Situation

Seeing the good in everything sort of comes with the territory. While you might be able to spin things around for your clients, it can be easy to forget how to do this in your own life. Try the best you can to maintain a positive attitude about everything. When you don’t allow yourself to get all worked up over happenstances you can execute your job more efficiently. If a client doesn’t like something you pitched to them, instead of thinking about how long it’s going to take you to come up with a new concept, think about how pleased your client will be that you went the extra mile.

  1. Know When to Say No

You have the same 24 hours in a day as the rest of the world. This means that you only have but so much time in a day to get things done. When you take on too many responsibilities in an effort to please your clients, you end up feeling the brunt of the burden. You over-extend yourself and deplete your energy, which in turn causes the quality of your work to suffer along with your reputation. Put boundaries in place by having set office hours, creating realistic deadlines, tracking daily tasks, and delegating to coworkers.

  1. Focus on Quality Over Quantity

When you’re in a competitive field like public relations it can be really easy to bite off more than you can chew. Rather than trying to generate tons of clients that you can’t service efficiently, focus on developing lasting relationships with a few clients. While you may have fewer people to answer to, it minimizes the level of stress you have to deal with on the regular basis.

  1. Take Care of Yourself

Failing to exercise, skipping meals, and not getting enough sleep are all common when you’re working around the clock as public relations professional. However, this is the quickest way to get stressed out. When you feel your best, your body is better equipped to handle stress and get through each day. Eating a well balanced meal at least three times per day, exercising three times per week, and getting some rest at night is important to your overall health and ability to perform.

Public relations are a rewarding yet very fast paced job. If you’re going to put your best foot forward at making others look their best then you need to make sure that you keep the stress down to a minimum. Each of the tips described above should help you keep the stress under control. In instances where you just don’t feel yourself or you feel burned out seeking professional help is necessary to prevent further complications.



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