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6 Things I Love About Recruiting

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Having worked in recruiting for 15 years, I’ve become passionate about helping people find their ideal role, and helping companies create amazing teams. In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are six things I love about my work.

1. I help people achieve their goals and make life changing decisions. Changing jobs is one of the most important choices a person makes. The reasons people want to change jobs varies: sometimes people are actively looking and really need a job, while others are stuck in their comfort zone, and wouldn’t make a move if it weren’t for the little nudge from a recruiter. Whatever the reason, moving on to something better often helps people thrive, and I find that helping people tap into their talents and get that dream job is very rewarding.

2. I help companies build awesome teams. It’s also very rewarding when you can see how your work has helped a company grow. While I might them hire the first PR Manager, it often blossoms into a long-lasting relationship, and sometimes I get the fun of staffing out an entire agency team for a new group.

3. I get to learn the ins and outs about a business, its industry, and its management team. One of the things I truly love about my work is seeing what makes a successful employee at a given company, and helping both the new hire and the company grow. Without a recruiter on its side, the company may have a very limited reach to find the best candidate for the job. I pride myself on making great connections.

4. It’s different every day. Some people call recruiting a roller coaster, and there are days and months that it certainly is just that. Every person has his individual idiosyncrasies, so it’s challenging because there is not a single recipe for dealing with every situation. Every placement is a celebration for me, because it was hard work to get there.

5. I meet new people every day. And this leads to lifelong networks, friendships, and career development. Every conversation I have is an opportunity to learn something new. As a respected recruiter, candidates and hiring managers trust my judgment and come to me for career advice. But helping is a two-way street, because I learn something from every person I’m in contact with, and that helps me do better – professionally and personally. Some candidates become personal friends over time, our kids have played together, we share sewing tips, we’ve turned our conversations into new business partners and rolled around product/service ideas.

6. Recruiting satisfies my need to fix things. I’ve always liked to fix things. I’m the person in the house who can install a new electrical outlet or hem a pair of jeans. In recruiting, both parties have something that needs to be fixed. The company has a problem to solved: they have a position that needs to be filled so they can operate at full steam ahead. I’m fixing something for the candidate too – helping them find a better career opportunity, career advancement, a better work environment. And when it all works out, everyone is happy and their problems are solved.

This Valentine’s Day I’m considering this a professional love letter to what I enjoy most: recruiting! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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