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7 random and weird things about me

Photo: Carlos Gardel in Plaza San Martin - Buenos Aires taken by Jorge Dobbi

Yesterday, author and workplace columnist, Anita Bruzzese, tagged me for this blog meme.

So here it goes... 7 random and weird things about me.

  1. Between the ages of 5-11, I couldn't wear clothes that had seams in them. Since finding seamless clothing was impossible, my mother had to buy only the softest sweatshirts and pants. I loved to chew holes in them too, especially in the sleeves and around the neck. My poor sister got the hand-me-downs. She's still bitter.
  2. I didn't go to college straight from high school. I moved around a lot - Richmond, VA to New Orleans, LA to San Luis Obispo, CA to New York to Buenos Aires. Between moving, working, and starting a business, I finished my college education 10 years later. I paid my own way and left school with no debt. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made.
  3. I moved to Buenos Aires after a two week trip. A month later, I sold everything I owned and have been here ever since. My family thought I was crazy, but we have managed to see each other frequently. I even convinced my sister to move here for six months. And I see clients and candidates just as much as I did while living in the U.S. because these days Argentina seems to be the new vacationing hot spot.
  4. I was in the military once. I joined in tandem with my friend because we made a deal we'd do it together. He never showed up to Basic Training. I was an Army Reservist with a Human Resources specialty. When I got the offer to become a medium wheel vehicle mechanic, I didn't re-enlist.
  5. I always wanted to be an FBI agent (like Jodi Foster in Silence of the Lambs). I never tried to get in, but it probably has something to do with why I like recruiting and research so much.
  6. I was a competitive gymnast and practiced for over 10 years.  I've managed to maintain most of my flexibility and can still slide myself across the room in pretzel form.
  7. When I was traveling through Spain, I coincidentally shared a room with a fellow traveler who I soon realized was a candidate I had cold-called and almost placed with a San Francisco software company. Random encounters like this always seem to happen to me in the strangest of places.

So I'm tagging:

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