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8 Steps to Take If You've Been Laid Off - PRNewser


Last week PRNewser posted my latest column about how to prepare yourself for a layoff. I know, I know. It's not the most positive topic, but an unfortunate number of PR and communications professionals are finding themselves in these circumstances.

Here is an excerpt from part two of the series. It discusses some important steps to take immediately after being laid off.

1. Leave on good terms. Expect your company will walk you out with an escort upon receiving the news. You may not have time to say your goodbyes. This is normal practice. Try not to take it personally and do not react. Now is when you must stay cool and collected, no matter how hard it is to bear.

2 Don't sign anything just yet. Don't be pushed into signing anything immediately. Once you sign away your rights, it's difficult to get them back.

3. File for unemployment in the first week. It takes a bit to process the claims and you won't be paid for the weeks prior to which you filed a claim, so do it right away.

For the remaining 5 tips, please read the rest of the article on PRNewser.

13 steps to prepare yourself for a layoff - part one

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