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9 Things You Should Be Doing to Make Yourself More Hireable During the Holidays

Rather than overdosing on eggnog this time of year, you’d be better off dusting off your resume and positioning yourself to find your dream job. Many people think now isn’t a good time to find a job, but that’s not the case. In fact, 32% of employers hiring administrative and commercial roles plan to do so for the fourth quarter this year. If you’re looking for your next job, now is still a good time to do it.

1. Look at your resume with fresh eyes

It’s easy to glaze over when you look at your resume, but if you haven’t updated it in a while, there are likely spots where you can add new skills or polish up your writing. Have a friend look at it and make suggestions for improvement.

2. Get a party strategy

Looking for a job during the holidays doesn’t mean you have to forego the annual office Christmas party. You simply have to come up with a strategy for what you want to get out of the event. If you’d consider moving to a different department at your company, now’s your chance to cozy up to decision-makers in that department. Just keep it professional; office parties can sometimes toe the line of impropriety, and you want to be the level-headed partygoer in this situation. Your career might depend on it.

3. Tap your recruiter network

If you’ve worked with recruiters in the past, now is the time to let them know you’re on the hunt. Even if you’re not seeing a lot of jobs on job boards, a recruiter will have better insight into who’s hiring at the end of the year.

4. Tap your social network

While you don’t want to update your Facebook status to “hungry and looking for another job,” you can use social media to see who’s hiring. Don’t be shy about sending a private message on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to a contact who works for a company you’re interested in. Gauge her knowledge of the hiring situation and see what advice she can provide.

5. Update your online profiles

Because many recruiters and hiring managers Google you before even reaching out for an interview, you want to make sure what they find in those search results is what you want them to see. That means sharing links on your industry, writing blog posts about your field, and overall making sure that your profile is 100% professional, and that any personal tidbits or photos you don’t want potential employers to see are hidden.

6. Make coffee dates

Workloads tend to be a little lighter this time of year, so that might create opportunities for you to network with people you’ve met that might have a lead on a job. Invite a contact a week out for coffee or lunch and pick his brain.

7. Assess your career goals

Ask yourself why you’re looking for a job. Is it that you’re unhappy at your current position? Or maybe you’re looking for a promotion. The end of the year is a fantastic time to evaluate where you are professionally, as well as take direction on where you’d like to go in your next role.

8. Apply for jobs

This should be a no-brainer, but don’t overlook jobs you find online that aren’t ideal, especially if they’re in a company you really want to work for. Even if you’re not a good fit, the hiring manager can keep your information on file. At the very least, you get your foot in the door.

9. Make time for interviews

It can be tricky, taking time off from your current job to interview for another. But with a more laid-back schedule at work, you might find more time to fit in interviews. Just do it wisely so you don’t tip off your boss.


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