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Cell phone happy interviews


I despise cell phones. I've seemed to curb that addiction a few years ago and it was the best thing I've ever done for myself. If it's not the owner speaking unbearably loud, it's ringing at the most inopportune times. If it's not ringing with a horrific ring tone, the owner is responding to a text message in the middle of a dinner, a movie or while driving in his car. It's amazing we live in an era when cell phones are so commonplace, yet we haven't seemed to figure out cell phone etiquette.

Like this candidate who went on the job interview....true story.

Candidate goes for an interview with a PR agency. She showed up drenched, completing dismissing the idea of cleaning up quickly in the restroom before walking through her potential employer's door.

Now that's a little strange. First impression is everything, right? Maybe it was because when she showed up, she was still talking on her cellphone! Actually, yelling. Yelling at her spouse about picking up some paperwork and the kids.

If that wasn't an awkward enough start, it gets worse. She left her phone on and then answered it during her interview

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, continuing to make her arrangements and argue in front of the hiring manager. I can only imagine it was some annoying ring tone.

Of course, she didn't get the job. Deal breaker.

Lessons Learned

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  • Avoid the situation from happening completely. Leave the cell phone in the car. Or in a briefcase or purse - turned off.
  • If the cell phone rings, don't answer it. It's the quickest way to get escorted out the door. Apologize, turn it off, and move on quickly.
  • Check the weather before leaving for the office. Better yet, keep a small umbrella in the car or office - just in case.

And one extra tidbit: Put a professional message on the cell phone voicemail. Nothing is more annoying than listening to the new Radiohead song before leaving a message.

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