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Close the Gap Between Graduation and Employment


This is a guest post by Sam Peters.

Unfortunately, nobody is going to be standing next to the stage waiting to hand you the keys to a brand new office and six figure job when you graduate. While the daydream is nice, the practicalities of finding employment are a little more involved than that. Don’t worry, though: with these steps, it won’t be long before you become one of those project management staffers you spent your years in business school admiring.

Your Foundation

Hopefully you will have found a way to gain some practical business-related experience while you were still in college. Maybe you had a part time job at a bank as a teller. Perhaps you worked in the business office for your work study job. You undoubtedly have had at least one internship (most colleges won’t allow you to graduate without at least one these days) and hopefully you found one within your field.  This is all experience that you can mine for potential employment after graduation.

Your Resume

Make sure you list all of these positions, even if they were gained through work study grants, on your resume! A potential employer wants to see that you have at least some practical experience in your field! Don’t worry if the experience is scant. There are plenty of ways that new graduates can beef up their resumes.

Community Service

One of the best ways to not just beef up a resume but gain some real world experience (and, potentially make the connections you need to get a job) is by volunteering. Offer to help out in the business office at a local non-profit. While volunteering doesn’t pay off monetarily it pays off in other ways. It gets you out of the house regularly. It gives you “real world” experience that you can list on your resume. It also helps you meet people. These are people who might be able to help you find the paying job you need so much. If nothing else, they are great references to list on your resume and job applications.

Bridging the Gap

Unfortunately you might need to find ways to bridge that gap between graduation and gainful employment. This is where knowing how to create and live by a budget is important. You might also look into taking on at least a part time job to help with expenses. You’ll most likely need to live with a roommate. Don’t worry, these things aren’t permanent (except the budgeting thing—sorry readers, that’s a lifelong thing that you’ll just need to get used to doing).

The good news is that you will get there eventually. You just need to keep plugging away and stay active. That corner office will be yours before you know it!

Sam Peters is a blogger who enjoys writing about the employment market and education.


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