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Creative ways to land a job interview


Kynam Doan is looking for a job. Check out his blog, I Need An Interview, and you'll get the idea.

Kynam has a very creative approach to his job search - he has pledged to volunteer six hours of his time for  each interview he lands to a non-profit. The companies who interview him nominate a non-profit and then the readers of his blog will be voting for the top two.  Additionally, he will volunteer one minute of his time for each unique visitor to his blog.

It is an interesting idea to generate some buzz and give back to the community while honing his marketing skills.

A couple of key points for anyone considering an approach similar to Kynam's in their job search:

1. Make it easy for potential employers to see your qualifications. Kynam opted to not publish his resume. Instead he chose to tie in a link to his LinkedIn profile. I would add extended biography for those lazy clickers who come to the site. I imagine those extra keywords would also help for search results. Consider showcasing some of your work in a digital portfolio.

2. Be specific about what type of position you are seeking. You don't want to be come across as you will consider anything. You must show you have direction and focus. But be careful to not be so specific you rule out potential opportunities.

3. Treat everything in the campaign as a professional representation of you. If it is a blog, a video, or both, remember, it is your extended resume. Make sure everything you post is free of errors and represents you accurately and honestly.

What do you think of Kynam's approach?

Thanks to Matthew Kraft (@mkraft) for pointing me to Kynam's blog.

Kynam, best of luck to you in your job search - I'll be watching the outcome!


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