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Critical Steps to Land Your Next Job


This is a post by Sam Peters, a career and education blogger.

In one respect, the web has made the job search process easier. Candidates can quickly find information on dozens of potential employers. On the other hand, the sheer volume of job candidates on the web may make the job search more difficult. There’s more information for both job candidates and employers. Use these critical steps to beat your competition and secure that next job.

Using LinkedIn Profiles effectively

LinkedIn has become a useful tool for both job candidates and recruiters. You can think of LinkedIn has a permanent place to display your digital resume. Maintaining an attractive LinkedIn profile can differentiate you from other job candidates.

Fill out your LinkedIn profile completely. The site will explain how and where to add information to present a better profile. Add promotions when you attain them. If you change jobs, remember to update you profile.

This article explains the importance of using keywords. What are the key phrases, job titles, credentials for your profession? If you’re an accountant who has earned a CPA, including the CPA credential on you profile may be important for higher level accounting jobs.

Make use of the site’s Publications section. If you are interviewed or write an article, post that information as a publication. You can include web links, so interested people can take a look. Whether you self-publish a book or work through a publishing company, include your book on LinkedIn. Many job candidates have LinkedIn profiles- far fewer use the Publications function.

You may find it challenging to constantly update LinkedIn. Try setting up a reminder notification on your computer or phone to check your LinkedIn profile every month. That reminder will help you update your profile periodically.

Searching LinkedIn for job opportunities

As this article discusses, LinkedIn is a great tool to search for interesting companies with job possibilities. First, perform a search for the company you find interesting. Say that you’re interested in athletic shoes and equipment. You think Nike would be a great place to work. So, you search using the word Nike.

You can think of searching in two ways. First, you can search your LinkedIn contacts to see if anyone works for (or has worked for) Nike. If you find someone, you can send a message through LinkedIn. Explain why you’re interested in the firm, and ask them how you should proceed. Your contact can introduce you to someone at the firm who works in your area of interest.

A second way to search is by company management. Check the company’s website for names and job titles. Search for those people on LinkedIn. Once you’re there, check out each executive’s profile.

You may find that you have something in common with that manager. Maybe you went to the same school, or both played the same sport in college. You might find that both of you served in the military. These types of connections can help you get your foot in the door. You might email the executive and explain the connection, then ask about any job opportunities.

Your personal history

Keep in mind that the web allows a potential employer to quickly find out information about you. It’s standard practice for firms to look into US citizenship and any possible criminal record. If you are interviewing for a position that involves finances, a company may request a personal credit history.

A business may review your credit history and make a judgment about your financial reliability, based on your credit score. Unfortunately, you may find that inaccurate data has been reported to credit bureaus. If this incorrect data lowers your credit score, it may negatively impact your job search.

Some credit repair firms like Lexington Law provide an app you can use to correct inaccurate data on your credit report. Making corrections can improve your credit score and a better score makes it easier for you to secure personal loans at reasonable interest rates. The higher credit score also looks better to potential employers.

Be ready for your next job search

Follow these steps during your job search. Even if you’re not currently looking for a job, making updates to LinkedIn and checking your credit score will make you a more attractive job candidate. Don’t wait until you’re under pressure to find a job to make these updates. If you schedule time to stay on top of your resume and LinkedIn profile, you’ll be ready to quickly start an effective job search.


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