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Don't Play the Victim

it's rude to point [lighter/clearer]
As a hiring manager, how would you respond to a statement like this in a job inquiry?

I have spent countless hours on job posting boards, with no luck in getting interviews due to the overwhelming amount of applicants.

I do understand the job search is difficult, but, while this may be true, every candidate looking for a job in 2009 is in the same position.


  • Play the victim, make excuses, or display a negative attitude. It's not an attractive quality to employers and wallowing in self-pity only brings on more pressure than necessary.
  • Rely on job boards as your primary or only tool to find a position.
  • Blame a difficult and lengthy job search on the economy, your ex-employer, a competitive market, or anything for that matter, in your presentation materials.

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  • Enlist the emotional support and help of other friends, family, and colleagues. Get involved in activities that help you keep your chin up (sports, exercise, volunteering).
  • Network, network, network. The more people you connect with, apart from the job boards, the more hidden opportunities will come to your attention.
  • Cut yourself some slack if you don't get the job. The competition is fierce and only one person lands the deal. A rejection doesn't have to be taken personally. It can always be viewed as a learning experience and professional networking opportunity.
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