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Gen Y After Graduation

Fact: The workplace is changing. I'm not sure why I was so surprised at the results of a recent survey at - we all know job hopping is common these days, especially with younger generations, but the fact that 60% of these young grads are actively looking for a new position although 57% are happy in their job just surprised me.

It's one thing to keep your options open to better career opportunities, but it's another to be actively looking for a new position. Where do these young grads find time to be actively seeking out opportunity and interviewing while they are just starting out in their careers and busy learning?

Here's the detailed findings of the survey:

  • 70% of young grads reported they left their first job within two years of their joining
  • 43% of Gen Y are not in the career they expected to be in after college, either because they couldn′t find a job, or another opportunity presented itself
  • 60% are currently looking for another job or career, despite the fact that 57% indicated that they are also happy at their current job
  • 74% of recent graduates are in a career that aligns with their college major

Most hiring companies I work with still seem uneasy about candidates who jump jobs every two years despite the changing times. Often these same employers doubt a candidate's ability to assimilate into a new work culture after ten years of employment at the same company. Is there a happy medium?

What are your thoughts?

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