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This is a guest post from George Nikanorov, Head of Marketing for DATA Inc., and Adjunct Professor with Passaic County Community College.

Upon receiving my MBA in 2007, many new doors started opening up for me on a professional and personal level.  Today, I am privileged to have met countless high profile politicians, business owners, academic professionals and others allied to my field that share the same passion for Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations that I do.

During the exploration of new opportunities, I stumbled upon a general theme among some MBA graduates.  They have taken their passion to the classroom and started teaching at local Colleges and Universities.  This opportunity to help shape the minds of the next generation of professionals was too hard to ignore and I started looking into how I could become an Adjunct Professor.

Several months, multiple resumes and countless discussions later, I now teach a Marketing class at Passaic County Community College.  From here, I am now positioned with that first qualifying position to expand my career in the field of academia.  So how did I do it?  Here are some tips:

  1. Just like with any other career, you need to start on the ground floor. To that effect, Community Colleges are always looking for knowledgeable people that can bring a real-life spin on the academic texts and inspire students to learn.  In some instances, your Alma Mater might also accept alumni back to teach classes.  I targeted several Community Colleges in the NY Metro Area and sent my resume appropriately.
  2. Be patient"¦ While there is record enrollment in many Colleges and Universities, there are also many MBA and PhD graduates out there as well that are looking for Adjunct opportunities.  Additionally, many Colleges and Universities analyze their need more towards the beginning of the semester, which means a resume sent early in the fall semester might not be looked at until late December.  It took several months for me to receive a response, which at the end, was favorable.
  3. Show your character and personal brand in the interview"¦ проститутки москвы кaвкaзские Conspiracy Theory film Colleges are looking for people who can effectively get the attention of the student, which means you need to show the passion you have for your field through real-life stories.  I discussed the passion for Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations that I ignited in my current position and explained my theory on how Marketing is a long-term strategy that organizations cannot afford to be without; ultimately helping my cause.

My first class was a fantastic experience.  The door to this latest career opportunity is now wide open.  All I need to do is to use it to my advantage.

For over 10 years, George Nikanorov has worked successfully to develop and execute full and far reaching Marketing and Communications Strategies that drive results and generate new business.  Currently, George serves as the Head of Marketing for DATA Inc., an IT Solutions Provider in Northern NJ and as an Adjunct Professor with Passaic County Community College in Paterson NJ.  For more information on George and his professional career, please visit his LinkedIn profile or his blog at


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