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How Do I Know If This Is The Right Job For Me? - PRNewser


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Most people will ask themselves this question at some point during a job search. In the current state of the economy, professionals feel they aren't able to be as picky as they were in previous years. The pressing need for a paycheck deposit undoubtedly outweighs or hides any negative aspects of the job. But accepting your next position is a serious decision and it's important to consider several factors before rushing to the alter. After all, this is the place and the people with whom you will be spending a majority of your waking hours.

I spend a lot of time talking to people about why they have made job changes or what changes in their current position would make them happier. The top three reasons I hear are...

Management issues, no room to grow, and geographical constraints/relocation.

A company is always changing and sometimes those changes are unforeseen. Regardless, these are the issues you should evaluate before making a decision and the best way to do that is through asking good questions throughout the interview process.

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