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How to Use Twitter to Land a Job

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This week on US News and World Report’s On Careers blog, I posted about using Twitter for the job search.

Here’s an excerpt:

Are you using Twitter for your job search? If you have yet to see results, don’t give up! Using the social-networking tool, you can find real jobs and connect with real people who are hiring.

One of Twitter’s most useful aspects is the access it provides you. Recruiters, HR representatives, hiring managers, and executives all use Twitter on a daily basis. Unlike an online job posting where you can only apply via the information provided, Twitter allows you to interact with these people directly by sending them an @ reply or a direct message. Your resume is much more likely to be seen and seriously considered if you’ve interacted with a company representative rather than applying to a job post along with hundreds of other job seekers.

Visit US News to read the rest of the tips to get noticed and hired on Twitter.

Image credit: Joe Lazarus

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Libby Page (November 9th, 2010)

As a senior PR student at The University of Alabama, I have found Twitter as a useful source for researching information within the PR field. Although I am learning more about PR strategies and tactics, I am not using Twitter as a promotional tool. I would like to connect with professionals as a way to find a job this spring. How can I use tweets to promote myself?

Libby Page
Platform Magazine editor

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