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How to Work with a Recruiter to Find a Job

Marshmallow Tug of War

Have you ever been contacted for multiple recruiters about the same company? That’s what I wrote about on US News and Word Report this week. Here’s the excerpt:

For job seekers, working with a third-party recruiter often raises questions. Who exactly do they work for? What’s the best way to use their connections to your advantage? And more specifically, what should you do if you’re contacted by more than one recruiter who represents the same company?

Unlike internal recruiters, who work directly for a company that’s looking to hire, third-party recruiters work for an employment agency that’s contracted by a company to find talent.

Say Recruiter Joe contacts you about a position for a software company. He collects your resume, says you’re qualified and indicates that he’ll talk to the software company about your candidacy. A few days after that conversation, Recruiter Jane calls you about another position with the same software company. You’re really interested in this second opportunity, but you haven’t heard back yet from Recruiter Joe. Should you pursue the position with Recruiter Jane?

To find out what you should do, go read it on US News: How to Work with a Recruiter to Find a Job

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