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Interesting links for December 1-7

Things I found interesting this week. Enjoy!

Job search
10 dumb things to avoid in a job interview - Spin Strategyâ„¢ - Tools for Intelligent Job Search
How to Be a Social Networking Success - Business Pundit
10 tips for negotiating a big fat severance deal

Beverly Hills Ninja dvdrip

- Silicon Valley Insider
How to Handle a Lowball Job Offer -
How to Get a Job: 11 new tips - Lindsey Pollack

Business and Social Media
40 Ways to Deliver Killer Blog Content -
Foolish Productivity: The Hobgoblin of Creative Minds - Lateral Action
Lou Needs a Clue - Lateral Action

For a quick laugh
12 Great Tales of Defriending

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within release

Unknown video

- Mashable
This week's weird jobs wanted - Business Pundit
Top 10 List of People to Unfollow on Twitter - Shannon Whitley


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