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Interesting links I have neglected to post for far too long

I try to post some of my favorite links once a month. Somehow this post has escaped me for two months!

Twitter and Social Media

Public Relations Examiner: Quest for a social media education
Is Twitter the new business card? | Social Business -
30 Ways to Lose a Job on Twitter - ResumeBear Blog
Ten Tips for Using Twitter to Fuel Your Job Search - Media Bistro (subscription required)
What Is the Internet To You? - Video comments from over 200 pedestrians in Buenos Aires from Social Snack (in Spanish)
The Executive Update: How One Recruiter Has Mastered Twitter
Interview with Lindsay Olson: How do you use Twitter in your recruiting efforts?

A River Runs Through It ipod

- Radiant Veracity

Interviewing and other career advice

45 Proven Job Interview Techniques for Landing Your Next Job -
75 Reason You Didn't Get the Job - Radiant Veracity
Ten Reasons to Take Up Biking During Your Job Search - Jeff Lipschultz
Tough - Seth Godin
On the job: Women in the Workplace - USA Today
How Not to Get a Job in PR

- Newman PR
How to Sabatoge Your Recruiting Efforts in 6 Easy Step - Brendan Wright


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