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Interviewing 101 for job seekers and hiring managers

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Thanks to HR World for compiling this excellent cheat sheet of links to help the job seekers and hiring managers interview better. It doesn't mater how confident you are with your awesome interviewing skills, even the most awesome get hung up on something in an interview from time to time.

I recommend candidates also study resources applicable to hiring managers. Understanding the process from their perspective and what they are looking for will only help you to present yourself better.

Here's a brief overview of the type of information compiled in the 100 resources.

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  • Sample interview questions for candidates and good answers
  • Types of interviews
  • Tips and interview techniques for hiring managers
  • Interviewing strategies for candidates
  • How to dress
  • What not to do on an interview
  • Interview preparation steps and advice
  • After interview follow-up and thank you letters
  • Resume help

The list is extensive, so no need repeating here. Enjoy!


The Interviewing Cheat Sheet: 100 Resources for Interviewers and Candidates -

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Taylor (November 18th, 2008)

Recently attacking the job search myself, the title of this post resonated with me “Interview 101″. No matter how many times you’ve been through the job search and interview processes, it is so valuable to go back to the basics. Google! Use the tips and common interview questions. Go back over you strengths and your weaknesses, like you did when you graduated college. I used to think that because I’d been through the interview process so many times before I didn’t need to brush up on certain things… I know myself, I know how to answers typical interview questions. FALSE. Pretend like you know nothing about yourself and take the opportunity to re-evaluate yourself and learn about yourself all over again. Re-assessing who you are, what you’re good at, what you WANT out of a job, and what you want to GIVE to your employers. I can’t stress enough that you can never ever be too prepared for an interview. There is so much value in taking advantage of the type of content that you frequently post on this blog. Great stuff!

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