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It’s Back to School for Kids… and You?

Back to School
Soon the kids will be heading back to school, new backpacks and notebooks in hand. You’ll get back to your regularly scheduled life… or will you?

If you’ve been contemplating a career change, this fall may be the perfect time to go back to school. Here are a few options to consider.

Easy Online Learning

If you’re looking for a few new skills to add to your resume, the easiest way is to attend online webinars or training programs. They’re not as official as certifications or degrees, but online resources can teach you how to use new software, how to market using social media or other business skills that will make you more hireable or more eligible for a promotion. For specific skills, check out how-to videos on sites like Udemy. Hubspot’s got great free webinars on all topics related to marketing, which are sure to impress your employer. Check specific company sites to see if they offer webinars or other learning resources to help you.

Local Learning

If you’re more of a face-to-face learner, look for local seminars, workshops, courses and continuing education classes. Some are one-time events, while others may offer a series of classes over several weeks. Community colleges often either allow you to audit classes or enroll in continuing education courses that may provide great learning on a given topic, like a specific computer program (i.e. Photoshop), business skills or career development.

Online Certification

If you want something a bit more advanced than a one-off online course, consider an online certification in your field. Sites like ExpertRating and eLearners offer highly sought-after certification, like Six Sigma or Medical Billing, that can teach you the ropes and hand you a certificate for your efforts. The programs can be taken from home on your computer, on your own schedule. While a certification isn’t quite as prestigious as a degree, it certainly shows you’ve made the effort to better yourself professionally.

Online Degree

No longer do you have to drive to your local university and sit through hours of evening classes. Most universities offer online degree programs, which give you the ability to “attend” any school in the country. When you get online is up to you: professors post lecture notes and assignments, and you can complete them as you are able to.

Make sure if you decide to earn a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree online it’s with an accredited online program. Some websites are a little less official, and getting a degree from NightOwl University might not have the clout that, say, University of Notre Dame would on your resume.


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