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Lazy job descriptions

Craigslist postings always crack me up, but this one makes me really ponder why some people think the way they do. Marketing Explosion? Trade shows, press releases, and growth in the same sentence?

Let's be honest, most job descriptions suck. They are written to eliminate candidates from the process, not to attract them. But this tells me a couple of things about the company or recruiter posting the job.

My assumptions:

1. They don't care about the type of talent they attract.

2. They are lazy and it probably shows in the rest of their work.

3. They have no idea what they are actually looking for.

4. It's a scam.

If you are going to go through the hassle of posting the job, it must contain a few key ingredients.

Include the basics: We need to know where the job is located , job responsibilities, and requirements.

Even better: Tell the potential applicant what the company does, provide details about the work environment, and explain how the role plays into the company's objectives. People want to feel what they do matters, so show them how it is an important role in the company to achieve its goals. If the applicant needs specific training or education in an area, be sure to clearly state it.

I understand not wanting to give away too many details on an internet posting. In the recruiting business, it could mean losing a hire. But there is never an excuse to be as lazy as the example above.Alien vs. Hunter ipod


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