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Mini-Vacation Mindset

Mini-vacations should be mandatory. It doesn't need to be something extravagant. It could just mean turning off the computer and getting out of your daily routine for a few days to spend it with friends and family.

I'm as guilty as one can be about sneaking a peek of work-related email whenever I get a chance on vacation. A two week vacation without checking in seems impossible for me, but four days... I can manage four days.

Rule 1: Make it rural. We went to Candonga

Mean Machine movie full

No Man's Land: The Rise of Reeker trailer , a pueblo about 50 kilometers outside of Cordoba, Argentina. As you can see from the pictures, there is nothing, nada, zilch. Well, there is a Jesuit Church, animals, mountains, a river, and a very nice family that attends to filling your tummy with their homemade goodies four times a day from their farm and organic garden at the Posada Las Perdices. Not having a WIFI signal makes disconnecting much easier.

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Rule 2: Bring books, but only fiction or non-fiction that have nothing to do with business. As much as I love activity, adventure-filled vacations, I find I truly recharge when I'm not pressured to be somewhere or do something. Losing myself in a book for a few hours a day gives me something else to think about.

Rule 3: Bring the walking shoes and the yoga mat. Keeping up with my daily exercise is important even on vacation. Exercise gives me the energy I need to get through the day. Have you ever regretted a workout after actually completing it? It's easy to incorporate into your mini-vacation even without the fancy gym machines.

Where are you going on your next mini-vacation?

Photos: Matias Dutto

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