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Not paying dues for Generation Y


In this video, Penelope Trunk talks about the "not paying dues" mentality of the new generations entering the workforce.


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Penelope's points:

People want to do meaningful work - not just the new generation entering the workforce, but everybody. Don't tell Gen Y's a crappy job is a good job, just be upfront with them and make some compromises like giving them mentoring for some of the grunt work they'll have to do (what other generations consider is paying dues).

Flexibility. Don't expect them to work from 9-5. Manage by results.

Productivity. Time management is a subject they are very well versed in and many operate in a mode of productivity that other generations don't get. Penelope talks about the most read blogs by Gen Y are those about personal productivity. It's all about David Allen and his book "Getting Things Done." Just because they can listen to their Ipod and instant message at work doesn't mean they're not productive.

Do you agree? What is your company doing to make a Gen Y friendly workplace?


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