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Signs that PR Has Become More than a Job for You

This is a guest post by PR Columnist, Alison Kenney.

  • You have multiple identities on the social networks you use
  • You reframe your witty ideas several times to get them under 140 characters
  • You know that when the Chinese calendars rename 2013 the ‘Year of Beyonce’ it’s a testament to the PR team that coordinated her domino-like performances at the inauguration and Super Bowl, her HBO special, her appearances at the Grammy awards, magazine feature spreads, new album launch and world tour.
  • You momentarily get excited when you find a spelling or grammar error in whatever you’re reading
  • Your friends and family ask you to proof-read their writing
  • Your reaction to Lance Armstrong’s appearance on Oprah is “what a great case study”
  • You shake your head in pity when public announcements are handled poorly and immediately tick off the steps the organization should have taken (anticipating questions/backlash, prepping their spokesperson, considering the spokesperson) before making their announcement
  • You consider time on the treadmill billable because it’s when you come up with your best ideas
  • You bring your smartphone into the bathroom or into bed
  • When you have a spare minute or are waiting in line, you look for headlines to scan
  • You quickly digest the news in a breaking story and then dissect it to find out which reporter did the writing, who was quoted as a source and how the editor framed the lead.
  • Planning a vacation means just fitting the same amount of work into less time
  • In addition to the entertainment value you get from American Idol, The Voice or Dancing with the Stars, you watch to see how the celebrity judges are doing with their comeback efforts
  • You justify new clothing and accessories by telling yourself that you are “in the image business”
  • There hasn’t been a day this year that you haven’t looked into a computer screen
  • You read lists like these to make sure you’re not missing any tactics

(Hat tip to Ragan’s for their “you know you work in PR if” lists)

Alison Kenney an independent PR practitioner with more than 15 years of PR consulting experience. She is based on Boston’s North Shore and has worked with organizations in the technology, professional services and consumer industries. She writes a bi-monthly PR column on You can find her at Learn more about Alison Kenney.


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