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Skills for the PR Professional in Today's Job Market

Attention Public Relations Job Seekers: The Bridge of San Luis Rey the movie Social media knowledge and experience is almost as important as traditional media relations skills. Check out these statistics from IPressroom's Digital Readiness Report.

Some of the key findings I found interesting in this study about the current communications job market:

  • 82% of hiring managers said media relations expertise was either important or very important.
  • 80% said knowledge of social networks is either important or very important.
  • 72% said an understanding of micro-blogging services like Twitter are either important or very important.
  • Hiring managers also ranked SEO (62%), email outreach (56%), web content management (52%) and social bookmarking (51%) as important skills and knowledge for PR professionals in today's job market.
  • 18% of hiring managers have no interest in traditional PR skills.

More often our client companies are asking for candidates with social media knowledge and experience (outside of personal use), however, these employers are still expecting to hire a well-rounded communications professional - one who can demonstrate he or she has both the traditional and the digital skills.

The survey further notes that a majority of organizations employing communications professionals are considering hiring dedicated staff that specialize on the social media front.

I hear frequently from entry-level and junior level candidates who only want to focus on social media. What do you think? Good idea, bad idea, indifferent?

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