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A Real Life PR Job Seeker Success Story

The economy has forced many people to get more creative to land a new position. Kevin Brown, now an Account Manager at Stage Two Consulting, shared with me a presentation he used that helped him transition from political consulting to technology public relations.

He developed a Prezi presentation to show off his talents. Without an existing relationship with a potential employer, making the switch from political consulting to tech PR is challenging, even in a strong job market. I love how Kevin showed off his sense of humor while relating his experience and even addressing some potential objections in this presentation.

Some good ideas here. And he’s a success story because he actually got the job!

What kind of creative examples have you seen or used to get a new job?


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Creative Resumes Gone Wrong

I recently posted some examples of creative resumes that I loved. If you have the talent or you hire a creative hand, it's definitely a way to stand out from the crowd. But trying to be creative like this poor fellow could be disastrous!

Here is an example of a creative resume idea gone wrong (yes, I took the person's name off) passed along to me by a friend who works in a PR agency. The candidate sent this 8-page Powerpoint presentation as his response from the agency's job posting.

Lessons learned

  • A creative resume needs to maintain professionalism and credibility.
  • Knowledge of design features is very different than knowing how to use them well!

Creative resumes

Franceso Mugnai recently posted the 20 most creative resumes on his blog. Here are some of my favorites.

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The Mummy trailer

Personally, I love the idea of resume and portfolio design, but it's still unconventional for most industries and certainly risky if people find the design distasteful. If one chooses to show off their creativity (or hire a pro to do it), it's important to remember the resume still needs substance. It needs to identify your skills, accomplishments, work history and education. A good resume design only won't get you the interview, but your experiences and previous successes will and you must be able to demonstrate those on one or two pages max (and not all of the resumes above accomplish this).

What do you think? How creative do you get with your resume?


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