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How to Dress for a Job Interview

Dress up, dress down, a black suit, skirt or pants, hair loose or pulled back….. how you dress for the interview may influence the hiring manager’s decision. See my post on US News & World Report for the tips from industry experts: How to Dress for a Job Interview


Dress to Fail for Men

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Cartoon by Dave Walker

Jason Alba's The Tuxedo movies blog post, Top 10 Things a Guy Can Do To Dress For Failure District 13 buy , made me realize how very little I understand about men's wardrobe. It's pretty complex. This is why even my husband won't get clothing as a gift from me.

Here are Jason's tips on things a guy can do to dress for failure (see his post for the extra humorous commentary).

  1. Wear white socks with your suit pants.
  2. Wear Dickies pants.
  3. Don't align your Gig-line.
  4. Tie your tie so the wider, front part is HIGHER than the narrower, back part.
  5. Wear your pants too high or too low.
  6. Wear a short-sleeved shirt with a suit jacket.
  7. Wear a brown belt with black shoes.
  8. Walk into the room with the back of your shirt untucked.
  9. Don't wear a full undershirt.

What would you add?

Link: Top 10 Things a Guy Can Do To Dress For Failure


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