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One Simple Way to Increase Your Chances of Finding a Job on Twitter

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Hubspot just released their State of the Twittersphere report

. Over the past several months, they analyzed the use of over 4.5 million accounts through Twitter Grader .

Here are the findings:

  • 79.79% failed to provide a homepage URL
  • 75.86% of users have not entered a bio in their profile
  • 68.68% have not specified a location
  • 55.50% are not following anyone
  • 54.88% have never tweeted
  • 52.71% have no followers

You can find the entire report here:

I'm surprised that 75% of users haven't entered a bio and almost 70% haven't entered their location.

If you plan to use Twitter for a job search, completing a bio and putting a location helps those using Twitter for recruiting find you. An easy, one stop resource to find everyone on Twitter doesn't seem to exist. We're relying on Twitter profile sites that index profiles based on the words found in user's bios, Twitter keyword searches, or Google search strings to find and connect with people with similar interests and backgrounds.

Simple suggestion : Let people know who you are, what you do, and where you are located. Once you do that, you've significantly increased your chances of hearing about opportunities from Twitter-savvy companies and recruiters.

Photo credit: Matt Hamm

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