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They Didn’t Hire Me, But Why? How To Get Feedback During Your Job Hunt

Sweet Sorrow

My column on MediaBistro’s PRNewser is up.

Here’s an excerpt:

Rejection is one of those things that is going to happen during any job search. You might get lucky and find your dream job on the first interview, but at some point in your career, a job rejection will find its way to slap you in the face.

People don’t get the job for a plenty of reasons – being under or over-qualified, the internal candidate that “pops-up” last minute, job specification changes, etc. You realize that many of the reasons are beyond your control. And then comes the job you are passed up for, the one when everything seemed to point to you until you got the rejection call.

Read the rest of the article and the tips about how to get feedback on PRNewser: From the Recruiter’s Desk: They Didn’t Hire Me, But Why? How To Get Feedback During Your Job Hunt


The Value of LinkedIn Groups for Your PR Career

My column on PRNewser is posted. It's about how LinkedIn Groups could add value to your career and job search. You can read the post on PRNewser's blog here


Paradigm Staffing launched a Public Relations & Communications Job Community a few weeks ago. Feel free to join us!


PRNewser: From the Recruiters Desk - The Value of LinkedIn Groups for Your PR Career


8 Ways to Network Effectively Online

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The June 2009 from my "From the Recruiter's Desk" column

is up on PRNewser. Here's an excerpt.

The value of networking online will never replace face-to-face networking. Some things are better in-person and networking is definitely one of them. That said, online networking has its purpose and is a powerful tool that should be integrated into your overall strategy when it comes to expanding and nurturing your professional network.

Considering geographical boundaries, time constraints, and personal obligations, online networking tools can help you quickly build a network that may have taken you years to build, if ever, any other way.

When we network in person, non-verbal cues help us interact with the other individual. We rely on all of our senses to engage in conversation and form opinions about moving the conversation to further stages. In the online world, we simply don't have as many sensory cues to rely on and, as a result, the game changes.

Autumn in New York full movie I do my fair share of online networking: LinkedIN, Twitter, Facebook, and blog commenting are my main tools. I also participate in a number of online groups and forums.

Here are a few personal tips I've found work well for me when it comes to networking effectively online....

For the 8 tips, read the full post on PRNewser - 8 Ways to Network Effectively Online.

No Man's Land: The Rise of Reeker video

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What Goes Into a Good PR Portfolio? - on PRNewser


My latest post is published on PRNewser. Candidates frequently ask me about what they should include in their portfolios to present during an interview. I asked three HR Managers from different PR agencies to share what they like to see.

Read what Andra Brigmohan (Veritas Communications), Sara Walker (Saxum PR), and Lori Hedrick (Marcus Thomas

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) have to say in the full post on PRNewser - What Goes Into a Good PR Portfolio?


The Power of a Thank You Note

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The first post for this month's column in PRNewser

is up. Here's an excerpt or read the full article here

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The Power of a Thank You Note

Sending a thank you note after an interview seems like elementary advice, but many job seekers never bother to do it. Never underestimate the power of a strong follow-up after an interview. This one simple step could be what seals the deal.

The debate about whether a thank you note should be sent via regular mail or e-mail is never-ending. I prefer a hand-written note sent through regular mail because it is more personal and memorable. Depending on the hiring manager's preference and distance, an e-mail note these days is very common and acceptable. If you e-mail a sentiment of gratitude, you can always follow up with a card in the mail.

Visit PRNewser for the rest of the article


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How To Make the Best Impression In an Interview and Land the Position - PRNewser

My latest "From the Recruiter's Desk" PRNewser post is up. Hear what the public relations HR professionals had to say about making the best impression during the interview process and successfully landing a PR position over on PRNewser.

Link: From The Recruiter's Desk - How To Make the Best Impression In an Interview and Land the Position

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How Do I Know If This Is The Right Job For Me? - PRNewser


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Most people will ask themselves this question at some point during a job search. In the current state of the economy, professionals feel they aren't able to be as picky as they were in previous years. The pressing need for a paycheck deposit undoubtedly outweighs or hides any negative aspects of the job. But accepting your next position is a serious decision and it's important to consider several factors before rushing to the alter. After all, this is the place and the people with whom you will be spending a majority of your waking hours.

I spend a lot of time talking to people about why they have made job changes or what changes in their current position would make them happier. The top three reasons I hear are...

Management issues, no room to grow, and geographical constraints/relocation.

A company is always changing and sometimes those changes are unforeseen. Regardless, these are the issues you should evaluate before making a decision and the best way to do that is through asking good questions throughout the interview process.

Visit PRNewser for the rest of the article here: From The Recruiter's Desk: How Do I Know If This Is The Right Job For Me?


8 Steps to Take If You've Been Laid Off - PRNewser


Last week PRNewser posted my latest column about how to prepare yourself for a layoff. I know, I know. It's not the most positive topic, but an unfortunate number of PR and communications professionals are finding themselves in these circumstances.

Here is an excerpt from part two of the series. It discusses some important steps to take immediately after being laid off.

1. Leave on good terms. Expect your company will walk you out with an escort upon receiving the news. You may not have time to say your goodbyes. This is normal practice. Try not to take it personally and do not react. Now is when you must stay cool and collected, no matter how hard it is to bear.

2 Don't sign anything just yet. Don't be pushed into signing anything immediately. Once you sign away your rights, it's difficult to get them back.

3. File for unemployment in the first week. It takes a bit to process the claims and you won't be paid for the weeks prior to which you filed a claim, so do it right away.

For the remaining 5 tips, please read the rest of the article on PRNewser.

13 steps to prepare yourself for a layoff - part one

The Fourth Angel

13 Steps to Prepare Yourself for a Layoff

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Here is my latest column over at PRNewser. This is a two-part series about how to prepare yourself and deal with a layoff. The second part will be up next week.

An excerpt...

The Wall Street Journal reported on February 26th that over 5 million jobless claims have been made so far, a 26-year high. Many companies have already made significant cutbacks and the news is not very hopeful for the short-term. Anyone can fall victim to the corporate axe.

Of course, now is the time you should be proactive in positioning yourself to retain your position and show your value to the organization. But there are no promises in a questionable time.

While I would never advocate living your every day in fear of a layoff, it is important to be prepared should a downsizing affect you. Here are thirteen steps you should take to prepare yourself for before and after a layoff.

You can find the rest of the article and the 5 tips on PRNewser.

PRNewser - 13 Steps to Prepare Yourself for a Layoff

Photo credit: Lim CK [Flickr]

Be Your Own Headhunter on PRNewser

self-made motivational poster and job interview attire

My latest column on PRNewser is up. Here's an excerpt... or see the full article here.

Lately, I've been receiving a ton of calls from candidates who call to "enlist a recruiter" to help find them a new position. It makes me wonder if some of these people think that by speaking to an industry recruiter, their job search woes will be answered.

Recruiters work for their clients - the hiring company, not the other way around. I'm not saying job seekers shouldn't connect to a recruiter. Recruiters can and will bring opportunities to your attention you might never find otherwise, but it's important to keep the expectations realistic.

The job market in its worst condition in years. If you are actively job searching or unemployed, don't rely ONLY on job ads or a recruiter. These days it takes much more work to seek the opportunities out. Become your own headhunter and use some of our strategies to propel your search.

Have a plan
A good recruiter tends to be very organized and an obsessive planner. Recruiters don't only rely on job postings they see on the internet to create new business. We target the top companies we want to represent in our industry and develop relationships with the decision makers, even when they are not hiring.. Make a list of the top 50 companies you want to work for and assume there are opportunities for you in each, even if there isn't an open position posted.

Read the rest at the PRNewser blog.


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