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Interesting links: December 22 - January 4

Here are some of the interesting links I've come across in the past couple of weeks. It's lighter than usual. I'm still playing lots of catch up from spending much less time online and more time with family and friends. Enjoy!


Twitter Yourself a Job - Wall Street Journal
5 ways to fix your job search - US News & World Report
How to Rally Workers for a Tough 2009 - Wall Street Journal
Using the Social Web to Find Work | - Free e-book by Chris Brogan about using your social networks to aid in your job search.
How to Write an Email that Generates a Useful Response - Penelope Trunk


10 Volunteer Opportunities For Free Travel - just in case, always good to have a plan B
TweetShrink -have trouble writing 140 characters or less? This might be for you.


Interesting links: December 16-21st

Enjoy some of the interesting links I came across for the week.

PR/Marketing/Social Media


The Amityville Horror movie

Interesting links: December 8-14


Interesting links for the week. Enjoy!


Explaining Your Layoff to a Job Recruiter -
The Web′s Top 10 Layoff Sites
- Business Pundit
Signs You Need to Start Your Job Search - Punk Rock Human Resources
Internship Ratings
Annals of Education: Most Likely to Succeed: Reporting & Essays - The New Yorker


    10 Awesome Websites To Check Before You Travel This Holiday Season - Dumb Little Man
    How To Overcome Writer's Block: 15 Tips
    Nancy Drew - Adam Singer


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