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The Time Has Come...


No, this isn't my baby (but she sure is cute!). The Olson-Fernandez baby is due any day now. While I'm busy joining the Club Mommy, I'll be going quiet for a bit, but it doesn't mean the death of this blog. I've lined up several guest bloggers to share their industry insights over the next couple months. I plan to also stay as active as possible with my own updates. Stay tuned!

I'm excited to open up this blog to communications professionals, staffing professionals, and job seekers who want share their knowledge and experiences with the readers. If you are interested in participating, I'm accepting guest submissions through January. See the details here.

Readers, please let me know if you'd like to see any specific topics covered. We're always open to suggestions!

I will be keeping up with my activity on Twitter and Facebook. Feel free to connect with me there.

Facebook: Lindsay Olson
Twitter: PRJobs

Thank you for all your support!

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