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Tips for Evading the Salary Question


Do you get choked up when asked about your salary during an interview? You’re not alone. That’s what I talked about this week on US News and World Report’s OnCareers blog. Here’s an excerpt:

It’s hard not to panic when asked about salary during a job interview—and it will inevitably come up during the interview process. This can be especially difficult when switching industries or moving to a new city.

But how you respond to questions about how much you want to make will directly affect your future compensation package. That means that gracefully dealing with salary questions is one of the most important interviewing skills you can master.

Here are some key points to consider when discussing your salary requirements with a potential employer:

Timing. When you’re asked about salary early in the process, recognize it as a screening tool to either bring you in for an interview or eliminate you from consideration. For this reason, do not include your salary requirements in a cover letter.

Instead, salary discussions should come toward the end of the interview process, when the company already wants you and understands your value—when you have more leverage. Salary ranges tend to be more flexible once the employer knows you’re the perfect candidate. Few hiring managers will let their perfect candidate get away because of a small gap in salary range.

For the remaining four tips on how to evade the salary questions, check it out on the blog: Tips for Evading the Salary Question


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