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Tweeting Public Relations Experts

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Who to follow for the best public relations information on Twitter.

  1. Aaron Blank, @seattleblank
  2. Alan Weinkrantz, @alanweinkrantz
  3. Alycia Cavadi, @MomentumMediaPR
  4. Amanda Sena, @AmandaSena
  5. Amanda Vega, @AmandaVega
  6. Barbara Wayman, @BarbaraWayman
  7. Betty Ellis, @BettyEllis
  8. Betty Lovell, @bettylovell
  9. Bob Pickard, @BobPickard
  10. Brandon Chesnutt, @bchesnutt Cemetery Gates on dvd
  11. Candice Nicole, @CandiceNicolePR
  12. Carri Bugbee, @CarriBugbee
  13. Cathy Larkin, @CathyWebSavvyPR
  14. Cheryl Harrison, @CherylHarrison
  15. Christopher Lower, @MrChristopherL
  16. Claire Spina-Russell, @jerseygrl
  17. David Parment, @davidparmet
  18. Dee Stewart, @deegospel
  19. Ellen Malloy, @EllenMalloy
  20. Gillian Kushner, @GillianK
  21. Guy Hagen, @guyhagen
  22. jamiefloer, @jamiefloer
  23. JeffCole53, @JeffCole53
  24. Jenifer Olson, @jenajean
  25. Jessica L. Hansen, @JessicaLHansen
  26. Jim Wood, @jaq518
  27. Joseph Thornley, @thornley
  28. Joshua Hammond, @joshuahammond
  29. Julie Bonnheath, @juliebonnheath
  30. Kami Huyse, @kamichat
  31. Keisha McCotry, @ProminencePR
  32. Kristin Maverick, @kmaverick
  33. L. Drew Gerber, @PR_Results
  34. Lauren Ban, @LaurenBan
  35. Lauren Vargas, @vargasl
  36. Lee Odden,  @leeodden
  37. Leila Khalil, @weddingPR
  38. Linda Jacobson, @LindaJacobson
  39. Lyn Mettler, @webprgirl
  40. Maggie Holben, @DenverPR
  41. Marian Salzman, @mariansalzman
  42. Matt Batt, @StoryAssistant
  43. Michael Litman, @LitmanLive
  44. Mike Elliot,@mikeelliott
  45. Miriam Schaffer, @Miriam15
  46. Moksh Juneja, @mokshjuneja
  47. Nathan Kam, @nathankam
  48. NikkiH, @NikkiH
  49. Petri Darby, @darbydarnit
  50. Rachel Kay, @rachelakay
  51. Rick Liebling, @eyecube
  52. Robin Caldwell, @thejstandard
  53. Roger S. Johnson, @PRwise
  54. Sarah Evans, @PRSarahEvans
  55. Scott Baradell, @Orchardo
  56. Steve Farnsworth, @steveology
  57. Tatyana Gann, @russiandiva
  58. TiffanyPR, @TiffanyPR
  59. Tilo Bonow, @TiloBonow
  60. Trevor Young, @trevoryoung

Quickly follow them all by using this tool

It's called Ninjafollow.

After typing in your Twitter username and password, paste the following comma-separated list into the Usernames field and click Ninja Follow!


NinjaFollow will try adding these Twitterers to your account while telling you whether each was added successfully or if you′re already following them.

Jacob Share

Seabiscuit divx

, a job search expert, is the creator of JobMob, one of the biggest blogs in the world about finding jobs. Follow him on Twitter for job search tips, resources and humor.

Photo credit: Xotoko

Update: Ninja Follow tool seems to be offline. Use this tool instead ( following the same instructions.

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8 Comments - Add yours!

Jacob Share (October 15th, 2009)

Ninjafollow seems to be offline, so use this tool instead with the same instructions above.

Rachel Kay (October 15th, 2009)

Jacob and Lindsay,

Thanks so much for including me here – good round up of PR folks!

Rachel Kay

Michael Litman (October 17th, 2009)

Hi Everyone,

I’ve put all the names through TweepML so you can follow with one click.

Hope you find this useful.


Rick Liebling (October 17th, 2009)

Jacob and Lindsay – Thanks for including me on this list with so many terrific people.

Jacob Share (October 18th, 2009)

Rachel- you’re welcome, keep up the good work.

Michael- thanks for the tip

Pam Perry (December 14th, 2009)

Great list. Next time ’round see: (It is 7 of us)

pam perry

Maggie Holben (January 5th, 2010)

Hey Lindsay – thanks so much for including me, @DenverPR

Happy New Year!


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