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Unemployment and the Job Search on PRNewser

It's that time again. I write a bi-monthly guest column on PRNewser. This post is about how employers view unemployed candidates and a job search tips for those who find themselves in this position.

Here's an excerpt:

Olson's latest column answers a question that has been popping up with increasing frequency as of late: is unemployment a disadvantage in your job search?

I'm asked this question every day. Maybe you saw the recent Wall Street Journal article, Only the Employed Need Apply, about employer's attitudes towards unemployed candidates? That one got me very fired up and I ended up writing a bit more about it on my blog.

I wish I could say that employers today equally evaluate the skills of the employed versus the unemployed for their open positions, but it's simply not true. Unemployment raises a whole slew of questions and judgments that doesn't affect employed candidates. Some hiring managers, especially those who have never been a victim of a reduction in their careers, admittedly or not, equate the laid off with the damaged. Others believe that a company would never let go of their superstars - if the unemployed candidates were any good they would be still employed.

See the rest of the post and three tips to help in the job search on PRNewser.


From the Recruiter's Desk: Is Unemployment a Disadvantage in Your Job Search?


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