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Using Twitter for your Job Search - Guest column on PRNewser

My most recent guest column on PRNewser is up. Here is a quick except. You can read all the tips on PRNewser's blog.

If you are not already on it, you have probably heard of Twitter by now. Twitter can be a powerful tool to aid in your job search. There are numerous success stories in the blogosphere about how people have received and accepted job offers through Twitter. See examples from David Murray or Michael Litman.

Here are some of my observations and tips on how to use Twitter as a tool for your job search and to make sure you are getting noticed.

Use your real name.

Make your profile searchable and easy to be found. Tell the world what you do in the bio line. Be specific. If you do tech PR, say it in your one line bio. You will find more like-minded people will connect with you. If you make people work too hard to figure out who you are and what you do, you will never see the benefit of Twitter because people won't find you. Make it easy for someone to decide if they should start following your updates or follow you back and for Twitter directories to index you properly.

Add a website. Your company's website, your LinkedIn profile, or your blog.

Don't make your updates private. It's my personal pet peeve, but one I know many others share. Many people won't follow you back if your updates are private. It also defeats the purpose of having a searchable profile. Twitter is about sharing and if you want others to find you, particularly for a job search, your tweets need to be searchable and seen by those outside of your followers.

Go to the PRNewser blog to see the last six tips....


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