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Ways to Stay Positive During Your Job Hunt

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An except from my US News & World Report On Careers blog post last week:

Rejections are an unavoidable reality during a job search. You’ll talk to many companies before you find the right fit. It’s discouraging, especially when you thought you had the job and you’re surprisingly passed up without reason or feedback. It’s okay to be disappointed, but set a limit on how long you’ll sulk, and then move on.

An important part of your job search will require you to evaluate yourself. While you won’t win them all, one of the most important aspects is to recognize the possibility that there may be something you can change, and if so, be open to it.

Recruiters can all attest to the frustration that some job seekers convey in their initial contact. Hiring managers are keen at sniffing out negativity, desperation, bad attitudes, and emotional imbalance. Simply being aware of the negativity and making a concentrated effort to focus on the positive can completely turn around a job search gone bad.

Read the seven tips on the full post at: Ways to Stay Positive During Your Job Hunt


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