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What Are You Worth?

Twenty Dollar Bill
Photo credit: Darren Hester

If you didn't catch this ABC 20/20 episode aired on January 16th, 2009, you should. It's an interesting and timely look at salaries and you market value in the workplace. You can catch it on ABC news in four segments.

I was particularly interested in the first two segments about keeping salaries secret and whether college is worth the investment. I plan to comment on both in follow up posts.

Should Salaries Be Secret? - Part 1 Is it okay to share your salary in the workplace? Why is this a banned topic on the job and if we were more open about our salaries with others, would it change how we're compensated?

College: Worth the Price of Admission? - Part 2

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It is said that people who graduate with a college degree on average earn $1 million more than non-graduates. Is this true? And is the college degree really worth it?

Self Worth, Beyond the Paycheck - Part 3 This segment follows laid off TV news anchor Ernie Bjorkman as he transitions to a high paying news anchor career to a new career as a veternarian tech. What happens to your self-worth after a layoff?

CEOs and Celebs: Making Big Bucks - Part 4 What is it with these high CEO salaries? Are they really worth it?

Did you relate to any of these segments? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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